April 2, 2009

The Scars Remain

I've had a drastic dry spell of photos here on the ol' blog lately. Seeing as how today is the most beautiful spring day we've had yet, I promise to get out and take some shots around the neighbourhood. Or at least around the apartment. It's not like I could ever have too many pictures of Morty's bum (or my BH's, heh, uh... AWKWARD).

So, remember that time I painted my kitchen fluorescent green? Okay, it was more lime in the end, but the scars remain. Although I ended up liking it, I think part of Operation Spring Cleaning should be dedicated to adding a bit more white to the mix. I always assume that when something gets painted, it should just stay that shade forever... But I guess nothing is actually stopping me from lightening things up a bit. I won't destroy the green. I'll just mess with it.

The Colombian has moved to Miami. This is good for more reasons than I can count, but most because a. Miami is easier to get to than Colombia and b. Miami doesn't have dudes with machine guns on every street corner. The Colombian (do I have to change his moniker now?) called me from his new apartment yesterday and may I just say, it was SO NICE to hear his voice again. I usually have to pretend I don't miss him because he only calls in six-month intervals. Our birthdays are both in May, so now I have an excuse to send him a care package.*

I'm going to see a sexy queer burlesque show this weekend and I can't freaking wait. I would see sexy queer burlesque every night if I could. Who says Ottawa's boring?

*Speaking of care packages.... Happy birthday Will !!! Woot!


xup said...

No worries. He will always be The Colombian to us

raino said...

i think i like the sounds of your kitchen - mine is an apple green colour and i love it. it sorta grows on you. looks great with reds and burgandies...