April 9, 2009

Bumpits - You're Welcome


Things are much better... Thanks to you nice folks for understanding what it's like to have a crap day. I know we all get them; they suck SO BADLY, no? Stupid crap days.

Today is actually going swimmingly - minus my Total Kitchen Meltdown last night that will affect Passover dinner in a few hours. I made kishka without the right measurements of stuff (my bad for improvising Bubbi's recipe) and it turned into soup.


So instead of bringing kishka and wine to the host's house this evening, I am bringing wine and wine. I don't really think anyone will mind. The best accompaniment to wine is wine. (This theory works well for other drinks too... Surely I'm not the only one who has ordered two martinis at once just to get the evening going? Please tell me I'm not the only one. Please.)

This weird thing happened last night. My BH became convinced that I loved Indiana Jones and insisted that we watch the most recent version while he baked a cake. I think my brain exploded when Indy crawled into a fridge to avoid a nuclear blast AND SURVIVED. Because he crawled into a fridge. Strange, but I didn't think it was that easy.

I fell asleep, so I didn't see the ending. Should I watch the ending? Please advise.

Also, I have found my next favourite Ridiculous Fashion Invention that is almost as creepy as the infamous Snuggie.

Behold: Bumpits (I am thrilled that this crazy thing is the amalgamation of the words bum and pits, but has nothing to do with either)

Happy Pesach, happy Easter, happy long weekend... I promise not to blog whilst drunk.


Shawna said...

HA. The fact that the bump-it comes in a "rockstar" option aside, I didn't even know that having a bump at the back of your head was "the style".

Is it possible that I'm not watching enough TV? Because I don't think that's possible...

Nat said...

I saw the film and I don't remember how it ends.... fine cinema it is.

Marie-Adèle said...

I get wearing that with an up-do... but how many bottles of hairspray would it take to get it to properly hold up a "loose" style? @_@

Stella said...

People, people... Bumpits are the way of the future. I guess we're just not trendy enough.