My promise to take some pictures fell a bit flat after I realized I had no idea where the camera was, and by the time I found it, it was rainy as shit.


Sorry 'bout that.

Last night I went to a party populated by economists, drank a bit, and was quickly reminded why I am a freak of nature and should not be allowed to speak to strangers unless they have been briefed on my tendency to offend people.

But it was fun, all that shooting off at the mouth. Some people at that party may still be under the impression that I deal crack.

Back to the rain. I've realized that having no rain coat and owning rain boots that don't quite fit is, well, stupid. I need to get on that. Wandering the streets of Ottawa in a wet jean jacket gives me the chills, and I'm hard to warm up on a good day.

Now I've got a few loads of laundry to do, some sponge cake to eat, some tea to drink, and perhaps a quick nap before I go have a blast at Get Sprung. I'm thinking of whipping out my strict school teacher outfit for the occasion - the last burlesque show I went to made me wish I had worn something a little more AWESOME.

Kiss kiss. Have a good Saturday.


Anonymous said...

I thought you bought awesome rainboots last spring??

Asteroidea Press said...

oh yes, please wear that outfit. if only to make the door girls happy.

Stella said...

XUP: I did, and I love them, and they rub my baby toes so badly that I get numbness and blisters.

Fuck. That. Shit.

Megan: Twist my arm, why donchya.

Hannah said...

A party held by economists? Must have been pretty wild!;) LOL

I tend to offend some people too as I am WAY too honest and have a dry/perverted sense of humor with a limited tolerance for bullshit.

raino said...

if people don't like your offending them, they need to get a sense of humour.