April 1, 2009


I have a freezer full of super ripe bananas. I've got a few basic recipes for banana bread, but does anyone have a favourite banana recipe they want to share with me? Muffins, breads, cakes; I'm easy. My tummy will thank you.

Operation Spring Cleaning did not go entirely as planned. Oh sure, I got some furniture moved around and did some general tidying, but my BH was busy with school so I had to call in help to do the heavy lifting. Another upside to having such nice neighbours - when you have a rickety bookshelf you need to chuck down a set of basement stairs, just pick up the ol' phone and make a veiled threat. I mean, call in a favour.

I got a membership at Costco last week, which is funny, because as of tomorrow our borrowed car will be heading back to the in-laws (it doesn't actually start anymore, which defeats the purpose of having a car, as you can guess). So I'll be going to Costco to get the one or two things I would actually buy there, and I'll have no way of getting the stuff home. HAHA. Smart thinking, Stella.

Anyways, I'm telling you all this because I find it funny that Costco lets you make a face for your membership card picture. Mine looks like I just ate a lemon. It is 100% awesome. I showed it to the lady at the photo centre and she pretended to be impressed.

I'm thankful that people humour me. Otherwise I'd just be showing all this stuff to my dog, who would probably just rub his ass on my arm and walk away.


Hannah said...

Do you have a blender? You could make banana smoothies?:

This pie looks kick ass too!

Let me know how Costco works out. I am thinking of getting a membership. (And not just for the freedom to make a funny face on the membership picture, thought that is a big plus!;)

Zoom's Stepmom said...

Zoom's Stepmom here,
Beat together sugars, oil & mashed bananas. Add dry ingredients. Add choc.chips by hand.
I make three loafs from this recipe. Bake 350 for approx. 40-45min. GOOD LUCK

Zoom's Stepmom said...

Don't know how that happened, Here is the first part:
1 C. Br.Sugar, 1/2 C. Wh.Sugar, 3/4 C. Oil, 2 Eggs, 2-3 ripe bananas, 2 1/2 C. flour, 1 tsp. bak. Powder, 1 tsp. bak. Soda, 1/2 C. sour cream, 1 Cup choc.chips

Stella said...

Hannah: Thanks for the links, and the photo is a definite perk of membership!

ZS: Sounds amazing... Thanks so much!

raino said...

i wish i had known tht you could do that on your membership card - i need to get mine redone!!

me loves cosco!