I gave myself a very simple task a couple of weeks ago: mail two books to two of my friends. One was just a cheer-up present. One was a birthday gift.


I finally handed one of the books to my friend in person last night, unwrapped and most certainly not mailed. The cheer-up part worked though, because we consumed martinis and manhattans while we flipped through the pages.

The other book I forgot, yet again, at my house... Even though it is fully packaged all ready to be popped in the mail. I really enjoy sending things in the post, but christ I am bad at it. I've written myself a reminder on my arm in marker so I don't forget again.

Last night we got our regular Life Organic order, and there were local sunchokes* in the box! I had never cooked with them before, so I did a bit of research and fried them in garlic and butter and before throwing them into a yummy pasta. Sunchokes are like a cross between a potato and a water chestnut, and they are delicious. I'm so excited for the asparagus to start rolling in. The thought of having local spring and summer veggies around is making me giddy.

I'm playing a gig in a week and I have no idea how to plan it. It's in Almonte, so there's the car problem. And I haven't played a show in a while, so I'll need to figure out a set list. And damnit, I need some new songs! I'll have my work cut out for me this week.

In other news, check out these awesome fainting goats.

*Also known as Jerusalem artichokes, but there aren't artichokes and they aren't from Jerusalem. So. Yeah. It doesn't make much sense.


aandjblog said...

where are you playing in Almonte? It's not very big. A.'s parents go out there often to go to Naiesmiths (oOo I know I didn't spell that right). They are so friendly in Almonte. I'm sure you'll have a great show.

Bob said...

When and where, Stella? And have you and the BH considered Vrtucar?

Stella said...

J: I'm playing at the old town hall for the folkus music series... opening for Steve Dawson. I'm looking forward to it!

Bob: We are Vrtucar members, but everytime I use it for longer trips, it exceeds the cost of a full weekend rental! I did it a couple of times and then learned my lesson... So now I just use it for groceries. :)

raino said...

i live in almonte! i will check out that show if i can get the details. and yes, we are friendly in almonte - it's known as the friendly town don't ya know!

Anonymous said...

I know it's too late for this weekend, but get yourself a gold VISA card and you won't have to pay the collision insurance on a rental car. And always check the online price of the rental before you call to rent one and never accept the first price they quote you. You can get a car for 2 days for just over $40 (taxes in) and sometimes you can keep it for an extra day for the same price when they offer weekend specials.

Hannah said...

Good luck with your gig in Almonte.:)