April 23, 2009



I've been yawning all day, which makes my eyes water, which makes me look like I'm about to cry. I think it's freaking people out. Other than being sleepy, I'm really quite cheerful.

As I type, my BH is writing his last exam of the school year. It's possible that I am more excited about it than he is, but then again, he's pretty excited.

His experience in going back to school has made me completely change my mind about the possibility of doing a Masters.

I was considering it for a while, probably to study history some more, since nobody can get their fill of history classes in four short years... But watching my BH made me wonder if I was glossing over my memory of poverty / stress / sleeplessness / torture as being a fun few years of learning. Yes, I had a good time in school. But I was pushing myself through so that I could have even more fun doing interesting jobs. Jobs that would pay me money instead of robbing me of my life savings. Then I realized that the kind of job I would probably get with a Masters is exactly the kind of job I'm doing now.

Cold water on my plans, indeed.

I do plan to take more history courses, but I think they'll be on my schedule and at my discretion. I'll take them to have fun. Not to have a heart attack.

I'm thinking of covering this song for my gig Saturday. I know how to play it, but the lyrics are a problem for me. How can I put this... The lyrics... They don't really make sense. So they are hard to remember. I'm trying - I'd like to do it for sure. It's just that "lapping lakes like leary loons" is a mouthful.

The Bluesfest lineup is out, and it's maddeningly good. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the fest. The upside will always be the lineup: SO GOOD. Every year I figure it can't get better, and then it does. The downsides are numerous. The crowds. The litter. The food. The creepy dudes. The fucking COST of the thing. The fact that Kid Rock once played there. But that lineup...

I really can't afford to go. Really. But my BH and I are both lusting after half the bands on the roster, and there's no way I'm missing out on some of those acts. So we're going to look into volunteering, selling our kidneys, or going into more debt. It'll be like Hot Date Night every night, except we'll be at Lebreton all drunk on the beers!

Funny, but I was booked to play the festival last summer, and some major scheduling problems changed the plans. I kinda want them to book me this time just so I can drool over The National. Or Matisyahu. Or Neko Case! Or Iron and Wine. Or...

You get the picture.


Jessica said...

Volunteer! I volunteered at Bluesfest one year (just two or three nights) at the CD tent and got in for free the rest of the time. It was a pretty decent deal in the end! You're right -- frustratingly expensive!

Milan said...

Neko Case will be there?

Tickets must be acquired.

From what I recall, volunteering requires you to sign away a lot of time, and do so long before the festival begins.

xup said...

I loved school, too, but I can't imagine doing it all over again. Even doing that other degree thing over the last umpteen years on a part-time basis was exhausting and heart-attack inducing. From now on I only take individual courses that aren't marked. Marks make me anxious. (Hurrah for BH!!)

Shawna said...

Bon Iver = you can do it!

Hannah said...

Masters and PhD's can be very overrated unless you are CERTAIN that you'll get a great job out of them. I have a friend who has an MBA and he still can't find a permanent job.