April 21, 2009

No Average Jo


You may have heard that Jo, my lovely neighbour, is moving.

It's a bit depressing, to be honest. She's a great gal and it's been fabulous living next to her. Since last summer, we've exchanged baked goods, shoe advice, furniture, alcohol... And Morty has gifted her at lest one hallway poo out of the goodness of his heart. Or bum.


My BH and I just stopped by to say hello, and my god is it ever weird to see the place all packed up! I know she's going to have a blast living at the House of Science, but dude, Sesame Street will just not be the same. And Morty will miss Shy Dog something fierce, especially now that he's figured out that she's only interested in friendship and not bulldoggie-style loving.

I don't know the folks moving in, and I can only hope they are a fraction as awesome as Jo. They'll have pretty sexy shoes to fill.

We'll miss you! Sharing a creepy basement with strangers won't be nearly as much fun.


Jo Stockton said...

Awwww, I will miss you guys. And Morty.

zoom said...

I don't even live on Sesame Street, but I feel like I'm going to miss her too.