April 6, 2009

I Heart Tivoli


Snow. It's snowing.

I knew it would come, so I shouldn't be so surprised, but still. A bit of a downer. Morty chewed up my spring jacket (not his usual behaviour, I assure you... his chew toy was just out of reach), so I'm stuck with my light jean jacket or my winter coat until I get the buttons sewed back on. Charming!

My BH bought me a very very early birthday present, and I can't use it until the big day comes (over a month, soooo much waiting), but I'm thrilled to have one. I wasn't supposed to know, but we were shopping together when he found the exact model he was looking for. So pumped!! Who doesn't love sexy audio gear?

This makes me even more excited for his birthday, which is coming up in a few short weeks. He will be spoiled, I'll say that much.

This weekend is a long one, which takes me by surprise every single time. I know I've mentioned it here before, but having worked in retail for so many years, I never assume that I get a day off just because it's a holiday of sorts. How on earth will I spend my time?


XUP said...

I know! I know! Sleeping??

Nat said...

I love the look of it, if only I listened to radio... alas.

Heather said...

this post has nothing to do with flowers at all...

raino said...

okay. i am so not reading any posts with the word snow in them. i'm just not.