Since telling you that all is well, my washing machine bit the dust whilst being full of clothes and gross water. I seem to be ankle deep in gross water these days.

So now I have a broken washing machine (which sits next to my broken dryer), I have several loads of dirty clothes, and I am unable to really inspect the problem because HEY! It's full of water.

Did I mention the part about the water being gross?

There's no sink in the basement, so how I'll get the water out is beyond me. It looks like I will be filling up my bucket repeatedly and trucking the mess upstairs. My BH is out for the evening, lucky duck.

I have no money, so god knows how I'll replace that washer.

On a more pleasant note, the gig in Almonte was wonderful. The old town hall is a really great venue, and the acoustics are lovely. I opened for Steve Dawson (formerly of Zubot and Dawson) and that dude could play. So could his charming bandmates. I was especially impressed with the drummer, who was so damn good I would have paid just to watch him practice.

After sound check, my BH and I took our little rental car for a spin around the town. In the ten minutes we were gone, a storm hit, and tore the scaffolding and siding off the town hall and onto the spot where we were parked moments earlier.

Am I ever glad we were too lazy to walk.

Anyways. I'm feeling a bit bummed about the washer and a bit stressed about money (I also just signed up for pet insurance, ouch ouch ouch), but fuck it. I'm going to go make myself a nice dinner and check out the writers festival. Because the weather? It is the thing dreams are made of.

Cheers, my puppies.


Shawna said...

The landlord isn't replacing the broken washer and dryer?

You narrowly missed a smooshed rental car and drenched yous in Almonte? That's fate. You ARE the lucky one.

Laura said...

WOW - lucky regarding possible storm damage! Washer and dryer crap - not so lucky, my friend!

Hannah said...

I agree with Shawna. Its your landlord's responsibility to change your appliances should they break down.

Happy Writer Festival-ing!:)

P.S. Are you going to the blogger's breakfast this Saturday?

Em said...

despite the bs with the washer & dryer, you are a lucky gal!

And yeah, the landlord should be responsible for replacing the appliances if you don't own them... Still, it sucks to be without a washer & dryer for a while. I'm a renter, and I CANNOT WAIT for the day I have an in-house/apartment laundry set-up. Man oh man.