Last night I caught another event at the Writers Festival. I'm so glad I made it - I missed the first ten minutes, but snuck in during the applause....

This one featured Garry Thomas Morse, rob mclennan, Adeena Karasick and bill bissett. I was really just going to see rob read, but the whole show was great. Garry had a gorgeous voice, especially when he broke into opera during his poems. Adeena is so witty, and it was fun to hear her twist words around themselves and back again. Bill was one of the quirkiest performers I've seen in a while, probably since the time I saw Kids on TV play. Kids on TV perform in their underwear with knee pads, if I remember correctly... So that's saying something. Nutty, just the way I like 'em.

Some of my favourite local creative types were there. Amanda, John, Charles, Thom, Luna. Sometimes I wonder if I fit in at all with the writing scene folks, since songwriting is another beast all together... But I always feel comfy at those events. Nice people are nice people.

Going home was a bit... Different. The Market was full of assholes. I feel pretty at ease there - it was my neighbourhood for several years. But last night it was loaded with hostile drunks, and I ended up walking all the way home because I didn't want to risk waiting at the bus stop.

When I was booting it down Dalhousie, crossing at a green light, I saw a car coming towards me much faster than it should be. I don't really know where I learned this trait, but I tend to stare down speeding cars. I'm not a timid walker, and if someone is trying to plow me down, I glare at them while I continue strolling (poor Milan has witnessed this several times, and probably thinks I'm bonkers). It might be smarter to jump out of the way, admittedly... But this is something I do without thinking. I guess I pissed this dude off, because he started yelling at me. My music was too loud to catch the diatribe, but I did hear the last line: "AND YOU DRESS LIKE A BOY!" Judging by the way he spat the words out, he figured it would be an insult. Funny, but I was so pleased. I love dressing like a boy.

I walked the rest of the way home without too many problems. Usually people don't bother me much when I'm walking at night - I may be tiny, but I can be incredibly aggressive when someone gets in my face. Also, I made an executive decision when I passed Parliament that I should sing along loudly with my MP3 player until I reached my house.

People don't seem too keen on bothering an angry-looking chick who sings Jamaican dancehall at the top of her lungs.

I think I might take my BH on a hot date to the fest tonight. My Bubbi turns 90 (nine zero! amazing!) this weekend, and we've been tasked with a lot of the baking and cooking. Might as well have a night out before we lock down in the kitchen.


Amanda said...

of COURSE you fit in. your songs are poems. song writing is a wonderfully creative and beautiful art. glad you didn't get run over. yeesh. and dressing like a boy is excellent. we can dress anyway we want. i throw tomatoes at the silly wanker who yelled that out to you. duh.

Shawna said...

The market is drunk on a Monday? Exams being done maybe?

rob is part of the Ottawa glory team, for sure.

Hannah said...

"People don't seem too keen on bothering an angry-looking chick who sings Jamaican dancehall at the top of her lungs." LOL. You are officially now my hero! :)

I know what you mean about assholes downtown though. I HATE getting hassled and give evil stares to anyone who dares get in my face, but some will not be deterred. That's why I carry a kubotan keychain with me. If I have to, I will smack someone with it. And those things hurt! Trust me. I could probably get one for you too, if you're interested.:)