April 14, 2009

Queen of the Maths


That was one of the best weekends I've had in ages.

It wasn't even that anything particularly incredible happened... It was just day after day of solid fun. There could even be a mathematical equation for this most excellent weekend. Allow me to show you my unparalleled math skills!

Food + Wine x
BH + Morty x
Family + Friends

(+ 3 [or 4?] mango mojitos)
(+ sleeping in)

(- getting kicked in the ribs by a dreaming bulldog)
(- creepy dancing dude at the Standard*)


Am I mathematically inclined or what?

I'm a little nervous about the next month. I think it's going to go by with lightening speed, and I want to savour it. Once summer hits, it's just a huge blur until the harvest. Must. Slow. Down.

Another mathematical certainty: baking bread is the most efficient way to slow down a speedy season. Also the most efficient way to turn everything in your cupboard into some sort of tasty dip to use up the bread.

Just call me Stella, Queen of the Maths.

*Bloggers! Were you at the second Bloggers' Breakfast? The one at the Standard? Did you know that the restaurant sorta morphs into a club during the night hours? Here's a tip, should you go there after 10pm: if you are checking out the DJ's equipment with lusty eyes, do not accidentally catch the gaze of a Random Drunk Dancing Dude. Otherwise, every time you stand up to go to the washroom, said Dude will magically appear in front of you saying something catchy like "Heeeyyyyyyyyyyyy baby!" Men? Don't do this. You will look like a dink. And ladies, just be a little more discreet when drooling over audio gear.


raino said...

thanks for the tip stella ! will keep it in mind.

Hannah said...

There was another bloggers breakfast and I wasn't invited? Aww, now I feel all excluded.:(

I think I saw that same creepy guy at Barrymores. He's making the rounds! LOL.

Stella said...

Raino: My pleasure...

Hannah! This breakfast was last summer sometime. Nothing new. :)