September 12, 2008

We're Off!


Last night, my BH generously offered to take Morty on a long walk (read: 1 hour, because that's all the little guy can manage) so that I could practice for the Montreal show.

Good thing too, because as soon as Morty saw me take out the banjo, he went berserk and started barking his little brains out. We played a game called cover-the-banjo-in-treats-and-bribe-the-dog, which didn't go over very well with Morty OR the banjo. They were both jumpy all evening. I tried singing some songs about steak but Morty only got more agitated. Poor little dude.

I eventually managed to squeeze in some rehearsal time, and now I will be playing a few covers as well as some really old tunes I forgot that I wrote. THE EXCITEMENT.

All that's left to do now is pack, pick up the rental and drive on down. Things I am looking forward to:


Drinking wine with friends and our puppies.

Visiting with my BH's relatives and their puppies.


Sunday at the dog park, hopefully without any asshole dog/owner issues.

Have a good weekend y'all.


XUP said...

Knock 'em dead, always do!!

JuliaR said...

We are like, the least musical family ever. Nobody plays any instrument and we all sing off key, if we sing. But my mother floored me the other day when she said her favourite instrument was the banjo! Maybe if you work in music, you hear of people playing the banjo but out here in non-music land, I thought it was only played by a few people in venues like the Beverly Hillbillies. Do you play it with other people playing stringed instruments? I only know Scruggs and Flat.

JuliaR said...

Tips at this link!