September 5, 2008

Bring it.


Taking the summer off from music was strange.

While it certainly relieved some of the stress while I was moving and mopping up dog pee, it also left me feeling unfulfilled and listless.* Writing songs is one of my few outlets, and while I didn't feel bottled up, I also didn't feel like I had a purpose without music. I kept having mini crises where I wondered if I would be working in an office for the rest of my life.

Maybe I'm still having that argument in my head. I keep telling myself it's a means to an end, but man, some days I feel like a vegetable.

Regardless. Now it's autumn, and I have a nice collection of shows coming up. This has me feeling encouraged, and I am gearing up to throw myself back into the music scene, even if nobody noticed I was gone in the first place. Montreal is next weekend, which will be especially fun since my two boys are coming with me. Then it's Ladyfest Ottawa, which I haven't played in about four or five years. This should be a wicked show, partly because it's at the lovely Black Sheep Inn, but also because I am playing with two of my musical faves, Rae Spoon and Krista Muir (formerly Lederhosen Lucil!). Then I'm back at the Sheep for a gig with my good friend Rozalind MacPhail, who I'll also play Kemptville and Toronto Island with. And then?? OCFF!**

I love this conference. This is one of the few times per year I don't feel like a folky, tattooed freak show. Everybody there is a folky tattooed freak show, and we're all cool with it. This year I get to attend workshops called: "Reality Cheque: Can You Really Make a Living as a Folk Music Artist?" (the answer: a resounding NO) and "The Folk Singer Shall Inherit the Music Industry." Yup. I've also booked a room on the music floor of the hotel, where people hold room concerts until about 4am. And I think, maybe, I might have just been invited to play a late-night showcase. EEK.

There's a lot to look forward to this season. Beyond the music, I've already had my first bottle of local hard cider and holy shitballs it was good.

So... What I'm trying to say is... Those leaves on the ground? They can stay. They bring good things with them.

*Listless is an odd word for me to use, because although it accurately describes how I felt, it also manages to poke fun at the fact that I keep a book full of lists on me at all times.
**The Ontario Council of Folk Festivals, for everyone reading except Shawna.


Shawna said...

Hey! I bought train tickets and conference tickets for Friday and Saturday. I'm coming!

Let me know re: showcasey things!



XUP said...

The second that man of yours gets full-time employment get the hell out of the government before it's too late and get totally immersed in your music. If, in 5 years, you're still sitting in that office and not on your way to being a household name in this country then I'm coming over and giving you a stern talking to. STERN, I say!!! You do NOT want to be on the receiving end of that, I assure you!!(I know where you live_

Stella said...

Shawna: Effing YES!

XUP: Yes ma'am, right away ma'am! I will work on that whole "getting out of the workplace" thing immediately.

Shawna said...


Friday's best for me if you're scheduling showcases, but I'll do anything, really.