September 16, 2008



The weekend was lovely. And man, I could live in Montreal. Right this instant.

A good crowd of people came out to the show, and I managed to sell a bunch of CDs (with the profits going directly to the gas/clothing/wine fund). I'm not completely convinced that I played my best, but my BH disagrees, which is reassuring. And maybe it's not that I didn't play my best, but more that I felt very alone up there with the banjo and guitar. I'm seriously considering buying an electric guitar and a looping pedal. And maybe a synthesizer. That would sex things up a bit, right?

The rest of the weekend was as perfect as can be. We ate very well, and spent a lot of time cooking and relaxing with friends. The meals were gigantic and elaborate and worth every effort. I also learned a bit about Montreal real estate just in case my BH should happen to find employment there after graduation. You know. Just in case. Like, pretty please let a Montreal employer bribe you with loads of cash and a good job, baby. I'm down with it.

Perhaps the only stressful moment happened near the end of our visit when the parking garage tried to charge us $60 for a day and a half of space. The maximum rate for the weekend was $30, but of course they didn't have a good explanation for us and insisted we had been there for three days. What a scam. I got uncharacteristically angry and spoke to the crook who owned the garage. We argued for a while, and then he decided it wasn't worth dealing with some mouthy girl from Ottawa. He charged us $30 after all. I was too mad to feel victorious. I growled to myself for a good half hour after the exchange. My BH had to keep reminding me that I had won the argument.

It was our first car trip with Morty and he behaved liked an angel 95% of the time.

But seriously, he didn't have any accidents at our friend's house despite being totally out of his element. He played well with other dogs and was content to hang out in his crate when we were out. The worst thing he did was get a big boner, like, eight times. But he didn't hump anything, so yay for Morty. Boners are cool as long as he's not trying to rub them on anything.

So ends another chapter in my longstanding crush on Montreal.

Next up: Ladyfest Ottawa!


Jo Stockton said...

After my visiting friend Kat met your BH on the sidewalk she decided that if your boyfriend was that good looking she's probably like to buy your CD, which she did and she has been raving about it since. Good marketing strategy!


Stella said...

Hee hee.

Yes, I planned it that way. I market through his hotness.

xup said...

Noooooo, you can't move to Montreal. May I point you back to the blog where you said you were going to live in your current new home FOREVER? Because you loved IT so much??? Talk about fickle...

La Canadienne said...

Looping pedals = AWESOME. I'm excited. I've been playing your CD loudly in my dorm room, but so far, no comments.

I miss your puppy. And my kitties. A lot.

Stella said...

XUP: You're right... I do want to live in my current home forever. But flirting with sexy Montreal isn't all bad, is it?

LC: My puppy misses you too (as do I). Sounds like you are rocking Halifax though, just as I knew you would...