September 4, 2008

It's So White


One thing I forgot to mention about my visit with Heather. As she put it, "What happened to your blog? It's so... White!"

Yes. Well, after my sexy red template died, I was unsure how to proceed. Milan thoughtfully sent me the lost images and told me in very simple technical speak how to host them myself. Which my brain translated as "turkeys! giant turkeys!" and that's when I decided to go with one of Blogger's many boring templates. It's tough to choose from one boring template to another, but since many of the other options were boring AND ugly, I went with white. I anticipate that I will one day have a sexy template again, but for now I am going all minimal and clean.

Last night I had dinner with The Colombian. We have been friends for a long time, him and I. Since we were both in grade seven, when he wore these truly hideous gold shorts that I *think* he still owns.

We ended up at the same high school, and formed an odd sort of friendship where we argued constantly about politics but still loved each other's company. We would hang out and fight, and then go swimming, and then watch historical films. It was great. Not much has changed since, despite pretty drastic geographical differences and occasional bouts of internet silence. He's about to go away again, and I found myself getting choked up during the meal thinking about how long it would be before he came back. But at least he got to hang out with my BH and Morty a bit, which I'm thankful for. I'm also pretty sure that Morty farted on him at least once during the visit. Let's face it. That's awesome.

Morty is starting to spend longer days alone with me at work and my BH at school. Today is our trial day to see how he does. I am praying that he doesn't crap on himself. Poor little dude.

Here's something odd. Of all the things I miss about our old house (mostly just the yard), having basic cable has come out on top. Our basic cable was an accident, and we weren't paying for it because it was already connected when we moved in. Although I didn't realize it at the time, flicking through our very limited array of channels was my way of winding down after work. I would watch half of Arrested Development, maybe a crime show in the evening... Nothing too involved. But it really relaxed me. Now that I get zilch in the way of channels, I find myself playing absent-mindedly with the remote while I daydream about cheesy evening television.

Still, I am not about to add another bill to our impressive collection. No cable for me. I will simply take up a new post-work hobby.



Jo Stockton said...

I watch TV post-work to unwind too but I don't have cable watch internet TV on which has all the unwinding TV you could ever want to watch. It's the best of both worlds!

Milan said...

Restoring your old template would only take a few minutes.

All you need to do is upload the files to somewhere you have web storage space (your own or some borrowed from a friend) and then modify your Blogger theme so that it knows where to find the images.

If you want, I will even do it for you. I can put the images on my web server, you can send me the template, I can edit it, and then I can send it back to you to put in place. It's been a long time since I used Blogger, but I am sure I can figure it out.

XUP said...

I live a cable-free life and we can haul in about 10 channels -- half are French, but there's some good stuff on the French channels sometimes. Get some rabbit ears.

Marie-Adèle said...

No cable? That's why God(dess, if you prefer :D) invented the internet! :D