September 2, 2008

I'm Gonna Woo You

Wicked was amazing. You don't need to like musicals or Broadway or even the NAC, but you would still like Wicked. Really. My only regret is not bringing my mom to the show, since she used to design theatre costumes and would have swooned over the outfits. They were outrageous.

So I walked out of there on a theatre high, all cheerful and giddy, and realised that the whole production actually made me a bit depressed that my creative juices have stalled. How do you get your artistic mojo back after it's gone on holiday? I tried writing a song over the weekend and discovered to my dismay that Morty is scared shitless of my instruments. He spent half the day hiding in the kitchen because there was a guitar in the bedroom and a banjo in the front room. When we lured him into the front room with treats, he bared his teeth at the banjo and growled.

Growled! At my banjo!

Anyhow. He cheered right up when he got to visit with Jo and Shy Dog. At one point he was laying directly on top of Shy Dog and chewing on her neck. She was not impressed, but was remarkably patient. Thanks Shy Dog! I promise you that it doesn't get much worse than that! (Okay, it does, but he hasn't done the Slow Hump in a while.)

Later on, my BH and I hunkered down and cleaned the apartment like crazy people. Now we have a sparkly home just in time for school and the beautiful changing leaves. Have I told you how much I love fall? I love it. LOVE IT. I especially love fall food, and I look forward to making delicious pumpkin treats in the coming weeks. I was all ready to make pumpkin muffins when I discovered that none of our muffin tins made it to the new place after the move. This must be remedied. Vite vite.

Tonight I woo Heather with dinner and wine. I will try to remember to put the instruments away so we aren't serenaded by the sound of Morty's growls as we act all distinguished and classy. Haha. Okay. We're not super convincing, I know. I will report any drunken antics should they occur.

Ahem. WHEN they occur.


Shawna said...

Butternut squash soup time is near.

HEARTS for fall.


Marie-Adèle said...

Morty knows competition when he sees it, obviously! Because how can you cuddle him when you've got a banjo in your arms? :D