September 23, 2008

Photo Update... And more


I am diving into the world of accelerated savings, meaning that I am also diving into the world of budgeted living. I was operating on an unofficial budget until now, half-assedly monitoring the household spending to make sure nothing got out of hand. Now I need to do a little better. Now I need to make an *actual* budget.

So, of course, I spent a chunk of my day perusing airline sites for a cheap ticket to Tokyo. Not that I can afford to go to Tokyo. Not that I even have the vacation time available. But it seems to follow that the second my spending is restricted, I become unable to stop fantasizing about far-off vacations.

My Tokyo daydreams aren't new... They've been kicking around in my head for several years, since my dear friend moved there and issued an open invite to receive the grand tour. And then recently, I became enamoured with the idea of packing bento lunches. Like, obsessively enamoured. Perhaps this was brought on by my extreme dislike of typical packed lunch food, which causes me to spend far more than necessary on store-bought sushi and salad. Perhaps it was brought on by the plethora of drooly bento sites I check every day. Either way - I am smitten. Do you know how much cool bento gear I could find in Tokyo? My guess would be BUTTLOADS.


I'm not even sure why I'm telling you all this. Perhaps to warn you that I may start writing more and more about what I had for lunch. Sigh. Tokyo.

My BH was in class until pretty late last night, leaving me alone with Mr. Puppy and a long list of chores I keep meaning to do. And you know what? I actually did them. I came home, played with the pup, and then threw myself into housework.

I completed the following:

Moved the insanely heavy air conditioner to the basement. Almost fell down the stairs in the process.

Moved the awkward fan to the basement, seeing as how we're having frost warnings...

Found my box of hats and mitts! Cheered!

Took out the electric drill and installed the pot lid rack, bag hooks, closet hooks, front door hooks, mirror.

Used up all my last tomatoes in a really good pasta sauce.

Moved my instruments around, much to Morty's dismay.

Took Morty for a walk.

Realized that I never changed out of my work clothes and had therefore managed to destroy one of my only pairs of dress pants.

Not bad for one evening, huh? I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. Sometimes I just need an empty house to get my shit together. An empty house and some really loud music.

As promised, new pictures of Morty!


La Canadienne said...

awww... He's getting so big!

Shawna said...

Good lord, Morty's huge!

These people post pictures of their bento lunches every's a craze:


zoom said...

He's hilarious! And huge! What a massive head!

Is he still growing? (I ask because I still owe him a hand-knit winter coat, and I need to know how big he's going to be by the time I finish knitting it.)

Stella said...

LC: Yes, he's massive! It's getting hard to pick him up.

Shawna: I check that site every day. The vegan bento pool is also pretty awesome...

Zoom: He still needs to double his weight! Yikes! You may want to wait a few more months until he's closer to full size... I'll wrap him in a cozy blanket until then. :)

A. & J. said...

omg he's so big! and BIG! omg! That could poke someone's eye out :O

Stella said...


Yup, and he's not even, um, excited in that photo. It gets awkward when he's meeting someone new and whips that thing out...

Marie-Adèle said...

He's gotten huge! D:

You guys know that I have room for the two of you now, right? 'Cos if you'd come to my old place, you would have had to take turns sleeping in the bath. XD

xup said...

Ha Ha - The Full Frontal Monty