September 3, 2008

Valuable Things

I learned a lot of valuable things from my dinner with Heather last night. Lessons about the beauty of friendship, the pleasure of good food, and the therapeutic effect of wine.

But most of all, I learned that when you are cutting hot peppers to throw into your gnocchi, do not scratch your eye. Even if you have washed your hands several times, do not scratch your eye. Even if you are sure there is no way hot pepper juice could still be on your fingers, do not scratch your eye.

Because if you do, you may find yourself in the bathroom frantically dunking your head into the sink to stop the infernal burning. I just kept repeating "oh no oh no oh no" as though that would dull the pain. It didn't. The throbbing, hot, searing sensation lasted well into the night. My BH kept trying to attack me with an ice pack, and I evaded him mostly because I couldn't see him very clearly and so kept walking away. Morty was all, "What's the crazy lady doing?" and I was all "Maybe I should walk into this wall."

Fun times.

Some useful things we've done in the past week:

  • ordered a telephone so that people can call us on our land line. not that we have access to voicemail yet...
  • ordered a battery for our laptop because our current battery lasts for 0.04 seconds! useful.
  • bought a super duper on sale air conditioner so Morty doesn't freak out during the next heat wave.
  • gave away nearly everything we weren't using anymore.
  • memorized the Primus customer service number. this is essential for new Primus customers everywhere.
  • spilled turmeric on the white table cloth and then SCREAMED.

Yeah, so it's same old same old with us. But the good news is that my Mystery Cough is slightly less violent today. It's not rattling the windows anymore.


skylark said...

I too have had a mystery cough for the last little while and I too have tried a puffer. So do really think pepper in the eye might help?!

Stella said...

Oh yes. Fresh hot pepper applied directly to the eyeball will certainly make you forget about the cough. It will scare the sick right out of you.

Shawna said...

Oh no...was that a hot pepper I gave you? I was supposed to warn you about touching them. Ack!

I live in bland food land and forget these things...hope the deliciousness was worth it??


Stella said...

Yes, but don't worry. It was delicious and the burning was all gone the following morning. I have cut enough hot peppers to know better! Silly me!