September 18, 2008

Ottawa Morning!

I will be on Ottawa Morning tomorrow at 8:15am!!! THE EXCITEMENT. They have requested that I do an impression of Morty on air, and I sincerely hope it happens.

I am really looking forward to playing this Sunday at the Black Sheep. You are all invited should you have the desire and a way to get down there. The show starts at 4:20, for mysterious reasons that may have to do with hippies.

Unrelated: Is it dorky for me to want to write fan mail to Bulldog magazine? Because I'm thinking of it.

And speaking of magazines, Bitch mag is in financial trouble. They are awesome and refreshing and it hurts my brain to think of a world without them. Go to their site and subscribe or donate... You get a charity receipt for your taxes, if you need extra incentive. I donated and subscribed, because having worked through many funding drives at CKCU FM, I remember how hard it can be to keep afloat each year.

I'll be at Babylon tomorrow night to see the Ladyfest lineup... Who's with me??


Gabriel... said...

...that's radio, right? That's very cool, I'll do my best to have you turned on tomorrow morning. heh.

420, 4:20 or 4/20 = weed.

Google: "California Senate Bill 420", it was passed in 2003 and gave patients the right to bong hits.

I think you should find a Bulldog magazine, find out what their freelance rates are, and submit an 800 to 1200 essay on why Morty is just so frigging cool.

Shawna said...

Amazing you!

love Shawna

A. & J. said...

Congrats on being on A-Channel Morning. I wish I could watch it, but I will be away from Ottawa until later tomorrow.

Hope you post the video on your blog later... or email it to me :)

Break a leg.

La Canadienne said...

Ottawa morning! Ladyfest! So many things I miss while in Halifax! Aaaargh, I am sad to miss you on the radio. With Kathleen Petty, yes? Tell me all about it tomorrow!

Jessica said...

BITCH made it look so damn easy! It's great to see so many people rally around it.

Sounds like you're keeping busy! I can't believe how big Morty is now! He's hardly the little pup that I met anymore, though I think he just keeps getting more adorable.

Stella said...

Gabriel: Freelancing for bulldog magazine. You are so fricking SMART. It's going on the list.

Shawna: You are highly attractive!

J: I will try to find the podcast link for you!

LC: It was sexy! You would have loved the CBC dorkiness of it all.

Jessica: Yup, he's growing like a weed... But now there's just more of him to love. Like, a lot more.

xup said...

You're everywhere these days. I saw you in 24 or Metro or something yesterday, too!! Whoo -hoo for you.