An eventful morning.

I woke up (late, fuckity fuck), steamed some tofu and mushroom dumplings for lunch, and took off with my banjo to CBC. I think the interview and songs went well; I have my own criticisms of my performance (as usual) but I'm very pleased with the whole process. And yes, I did do an impression of Morty on the air. Good Lord.*

It occurred to me at the end of the CBC interview that I might have made it into today's version of Metro, and sure enough, there I was! I'm actually really proud of this article. I like the way it's written and I don't sound like a goof in the quotes. I sound like a Serious Musician (who may or may not grunt on live radio when asked).

Then I checked the Bitch website to find that they reach their target. Fricking awesome.

I've read a lot of comments about how if the magazine if having trouble, it's just not going to stand up to the big bad world of publishing. That's a good point, and worth discussing, BUT. A lot of small publishers/radio stations/businesses actively engage their audiences' support and have that to thank, year after year, for their survival. I donate to a small list of such places (like CKCU FM) and I'm proud to lend a hand if it means they get to keep doing what they do. In the case of Bitch, I think it's safe to say that writing about feminism isn't ever going to rake in the big bucks. Still, I think it's a publication that is worth having around, and I will gladly help out to show my appreciation.

So. My apartment is a mess. Like, it's gross messy. I've been trying to figure out why it gets messy so fast when I realized... We don't have a dryer, and because we are two adults with a drooly puppy, we do a fair amount of wash. This means a lot of drying racks, especially because it's been raining so much lately. These racks end up in every available corner, and they clutter up the house like you wouldn't believe. My project in the next few weeks will be to devise a plan to better organize my drying system.

I'm actually really excited to tackle this. Dorky? Yes. You would expect no less of me.

Last night I met one of my favourite poets ever. We have been communicating via e-mail for almost a year, but we didn't meet until now. She is every bit as charming as I imagined and I seriously debated getting her to sign my favourite poem of hers. Then we got distracted by wiggly Morty and crunchy tofu, so maybe I'll bug her about it next time... Thanks Erin B!

Speaking of wiggly Morty, I promise a picture update soon. I have some great shots of him looking like a depressed Jedi knight.

*It's also kind of exciting to see my (music) stats spike after going on the radio. Which reminds me... I should probably bring more CDs to Compact Music.


Jo Stockton said...

The other reason why that "big bad world of publishing" comment is not valid is that Bitch (and many other hanging-on-by-a-thread indie magazines like Punk Planet and Clamour) got really screwed by a distribution company a few years ago that shut down without paying out a pile of money it owed to a bunch of indie magazines. This lost those magazines literally thousands of dollars and caused a bunch of them to go under. The fact that Bitch is still going is actually a testament to their ability to make it in that "big bad world of publishing. So the haters can suck it.


Stella said...

Word, Jo. Screw the haters.

'col said...

I love that you commented on my blog about Bitch, and then I came back to yours which is the first place I saw the news about them making their goal. (Hooray! My subscription will arrive after all!) I'm thrilled that they're staying around.

Also, "big bad world of publishing?" You've got to be kidding me. "If you can't win against this stacked deck, it proves there's something wrong with you." Um, no. Those people are new to thought.

Morty pictures=yes please.

La Canadienne said...

I'm so glad your radio thing went well! My sister heard you and called me to tell me. It was sweet.

I hope LFO goes well!

Shawna said...

ALSO - I can't believe you woke up late AND still had time to steam food for lunch. Amazing!