I spent the day at a work retreat.

They call it a "retreat" like it's going to be a tropical vacation. As through scantily-clad cabana boys will serve me drinks while I reflect on my glorious career.

Instead, we were cooped up in a community centre with a table full of greasy muffins and a sheet full of team building exercises. You know what I find to be a more effective way of building team morale? Beer. But that's just me, apparently.

The whole thing was quite bizarre and made me wonder how seriously people take themselves in their work. Because they seem to be quite serious about it. I'll be the first to admit that while I enjoy my job, I get far more excited about what I'm having for breakfast (challah with jam and piece of homentshen, says my inner Jew).

It's been a funny week. I got to visit with the High School Boyfriend, and then to balance things out, the universe took The Colombian and put him on a plane to far far away. I got a much-coveted show for late October and then the universe took away one of my shows in early October. I made glorious cheese muffins, only to discover that they are not tasty cold and my toaster is broken. I went to buy a toaster and they were sold out.

But I did have a lovely time with my financial planner, and I feel very happy about being poor for the next while so that I can be not poor down the road. My financial planner worked for my grandfather, my father, and now for me. He said my grandfather would have been proud of me for being proactive about my finances, which made me want to cry in a nice way.

I leave you with this brilliant cartoon, which accurately portrays my initial reaction to Guitar Hero.


Anonymous said...

I've been on many retreats with beer and each one was more productive than the last... actually beer was the only thing that made the retreats manageable. I went on 'retreat' with the Toronto PR firm I worked for and it was pretty much like Animal House... some of it made it a little awkward the next time we all saw each other in the office, but still totally worth the hangovers.

That was cool what the financial planner said... and congratulations on taking the longer view.

Stella said...

SL: Glad you understand. They had one bottle of hard cider for over 100 people, so they clearly weren't trying very hard to get us all chummy...

Marie-Adèle said...

I went on a retreat once when I was doing a contract with the government.

It involved bowling with coconuts.


A. & J. said...

Ugh. I have a retreat tomorrow. I am not looking forward to it.. let's replace the word retreat with bitchfest... wish me luck