This Canada Day was a definite improvement over previous Canada Days... We literally just ate, drank and sat around until the local firecrackers stopped going off. I kept shouting "show me your tits!" to Andi, and as far as I remember, she never did.

Morty had a slightly less fun time, having unwisely provoked an older alpha dog which resulted in a bite or two on the noggin. Poor little man. He slept it off and seems to remember nothing. He also went miraculously boner-free for the whole day! Go Morty!! We have posted a few new videos to his Youtube channel, in case you feel like watching a fat puppy dancing to Paul Simon.

I've started to say no to new gigs. Is that weird? I think I want to take the summer off and change my focus. Moving, getting healthy and spending time with my BH and my pup are the only things I want to deal with lately. I haven't had the time or the mental space to write new songs. I just don't feel inspired. It would probably be a whole lot better to spend the summer recharging instead of playing the same old set over and over. There are a few fall shows I'm looking forward to, so I'll jump back in the game then.*

It's becoming more and more clear that I'm going to need to hire movers for the end of the month. Especially since this morning, when I discovered that we might be the new owners of a piano. The problem? Every moving company in Ottawa seems to be booked up. We thought we'd be able to do it ourselves, but now, as the expression goes, we are royally fucked. Fucked with a capital Fuck. That's how the expression goes, I'm sure of it.

Would I like a glass of panic with my stress? Ooooh, yes please!

*Watch this all fall apart the second someone offers me something really fun.


XUP said...

Once Morty gets fixed he won't have any more boners, so enjoy them while you can. And, can't you get a van or something from VirtuCar to help with your move??