July 24, 2008



Nothing puts me in a good mood like financial planning does. Seriously. I have been crunching numbers all day and I'm fucking giddy. Savings plans, how I love you!

I finally stopped making excuses and went to my BH's ultimate frisbee game last night. I think team sports are about as fun as getting kicked in the eye, but we both wanted Morty to be able to meet everyone on his team. Seeing as how I don't understand the rules of the game, and seeing as how I usually end up sitting on the sidelines in wet grass, I'm often reluctant to go. Still, I had fun with Morty and it was nice to see my BH run around and get all sweaty and delicious. Did you know that yelling "you're hot" in ultimate is part of the acceptable sports terminology? I had fun with that. Morty had fun too, or that's what I took from his boner-to-non-boner ratio. Frisbees really get him going.

Although XUP's suggestion that I may have bulldogitis was carefully considered, it turns out that I really do have a cold. I'm congested and sore, and if I didn't have so much to do I would stay at home and sleep. Come to think of it, Morty sneezed in my face this morning, so I guess it's possible I got it from him...

I've realized that it's very hard to tell how far along one is in their packing. Last week, I thought I had loads done. This week I feel the same way, but the amount of boxes has tripled. How the fuck much do I have to pack? I feel like I've been packing forever.

We ordered some t-shirts off Etsy for my BH since it has been several years since we've replenished his supply. Now his gently-worn shirts are getting past the point of no return, especially since we've had Morty and his potty training to contend with. Poo stains = gross. Ironically, my favourite shirt that we ordered says "Uranus is dark and icy."

What, were you expecting serious shirts? Puh-leeeease.