July 10, 2008

That's Hot


So, I know it's been hot and humid lately. Really hot and humid. But seeing as how I'm a girl who loves both heat and humidity, I've been enjoying the weather while everyone else around me has been gasping for air.

I have my theories about why I love extreme heat, but sometimes it still puzzles me. Surely it's not normal to be perfectly content while my friends have melted into puddles beside me. I was looking into air conditioners yesterday, not because I want one for myself, but because my dog and my partner are both incapable of dealing with the hot weather. Yes, my BH, a man who grew up in the blazing (and pleasant!) heat of India detests Ottawa summers and adores the chilly winter months. Gack. Winter here is like hell on a stick. A really long stick. (Even thinking about the cold has killed my ability to think up a witty metaphor!) I sleep with my duvet all year round, and it takes a lot of prodding to get me into a freezing cold pool when I could be sitting in a steam room.

Anyway, I bring this up because I've discovered one thing that annoys me about this sticky heat (other than the general feeling of discomfort one gets from being constantly sweaty). My go-to summer moisturizer, pure coconut oil, has gone all liquidy. Usually, this type of oil stays solid until it's thrown into a frying pan. That's why it makes such a brilliant face cream - it's thick without all the added gunk. But lately? I open my little oil pot and it's practically bubbling. Smearing warm oil on your face first thing in the morning feels just as gross as it sounds.

That being said, I find the weather today way too cold, and have already requested that my BH bring my warm hoodie to Bluesfest tonight. I know. I'm a total wimp. Moving on.

I gave Morty a nice bath yesterday, because the poor dude needed a break from the heat. He came out of the bathroom smelling like roses! Then I took him for a walk and he crapped on his leg. Why did he feel the need to try pooping in a new and more awkward position than normal? I will never know. Needless to say, he missed the ground and the poop slowly slid down his thigh while I scrambled for a leaf to wipe up the mess.

Bulldogs. They've got a case of the crazy, but I love them to bits.


Amanda said...

i despise heat and adore the chilly winter; especially the type of winter we had this past year. i sometimes deliberately have the a/c on too high so i can wear hoodies and thick socks and drink hot chocolate or scotch ;)heat makes my brain dumb. cold keeps me alert and creative.

Stella said...

Man... You sound like my BH! I am certainly a strange bird when it comes to heat. I like it hot hot hot.

Amanda said...

i would love to have a winter party right now. maybe at an ice rink, but not with skating, just shivering & drinking booze with intelligent people and music that doesn't sound like thumping and overly loud bass. i don't know how you stand the blues fest this year. we gave up on it last year...too crowded, too many sound bleeds, too many obnoxious folk all around

Stella said...

A winter party would be a hit with many considering the humidity lately... And yes, Bluesfest is pretty nuts. I could feel my patience stetching tighter and tighter all evening.

Amanda said...

i know of very few who enjoy winter more than summer..alas...

Charles & i have banned bluesfest, but will hit some of folk fest, a much nicer festival with better attitudes where the organizers aren't arrogant SOBs