July 18, 2008

Adams Family


Did anyone else get woken up by that crazy thunder storm last night? Holy shitballs.

It wasn't even the thunder that jolted me awake... It was the lightening. My entire room lit up, Adams Family style. Morty looked mildly spooked, but he went back to sleep long before I did. My Better Half woke up, gave me some little kisses, and passed out again. Mmmm, the cute.

We had some friends over for dinner, and the whole evening reminded me that I've got to start taking the time to cook again. I feel like I've fallen off the wagon this past week or two. A lot of fried foods, not enough veggies. Quick breakfasts, cereal for dinner. This supper was a welcome change; polenta lasagna, veggie chili, fresh salad, baguette, stuffed mushroom caps, and apple/strawberry crumble for dessert. Fuck, it was good.

I wrote a test yesterday which had me typing for a solid three hours. It was exhausting, and the room was fucking FREEZING (are people learning nothing from those handy David Suzuki commercials?) but I am relieved it's done.

Packing is... Coming along, I guess. My BH is doing 90% of the work, mostly because he spends a chunk of his days at home while I'm on the job. By the time I get back, I want to eat and pass out (with an obvious break to get drooled on by Morty). I'm hoping to get in the moving groove soon. Seeing as how I only have two weeks left.

Oh, Christ, I only have two weeks left.