July 15, 2008

Small Accomplishments


It is a week of small accomplishments.

Finally, after about ten months of procrastination, I have filed my health insurance claims. I dropped them off in person so I could relish the feeling of sliding my envelope into the claims box (ooh, sexy). It was worth it.

My beloved house was rented yesterday to a group of very polite frat boys. No more strangers will come wandering through anymore! Thank goodness. That was getting to be a bit much. The countdown beings...

I returned my drum kit early, and got $9.30 back which I promptly spent on snacks. That leaves a huge space in my front room to do some packing. (Mental note: do some packing)

I have five pairs of expensive pants that I had stopped wearing because they were either a. dirty and couldn't be washed in a machine or b. too damn big on me. I bit the bullet and got them tailored and dry cleaned. Expensive, but now I can wear my pants again! Too bad they are wool and meant to be worn in winter. Woops.

Now I just have to survive the next four weeks of testing, moving and jobbing to be home free. Fingers crossed that I don't keel right over.


A. & J. said...

I think I may have missed a step, where are you moving too?

Stella said...

I'm moving downtown! In two and a half weeks! So much to do...