July 5, 2008



We found movers for the end of the month. I am so relieved. We can't afford it, not by a long shot, but at least I won't be so nervous about getting everything done on time. Besides which, we seem to own a piano, and fucked if I'm moving that thing myself.

The past few days have been strange. It's been a see-saw of good and bad - good on the job front, bad for money, or good visit with the vet, and wandering right into someone else's bad mood. Sort of like face-planting repeatedly into a mattress. I hope it starts to balance out. I'd like to slow down and enjoy my summer more than I've been doing. Tonight I'm making garlic scape pesto with my bounty from Life Organic. That's pretty summery... And organic-y...

I have lost my train of thought.

Today I took Morty to Ritchie's Feed and Seed to look at plants. He was pretty thrilled, seeing as how he loves flowers and only picks the most expensive ground cover to crap on. He even peed on a push cart! You REALLY know he's happy when he pulls something like that. So, by request from Laura, we have a Morty Picture Update!

Obviously Morty is still absolutely deliciously adorable. One thing I wish I had gotten on camera is Morty's Super Awesome Tongue Trick, wherein he makes eating motions in his sleep, and then forgets to bring his tongue back inside his mouth afterwards. Basically, he looks like he's in mid-chomp, but he's snoring.

Like I said. It's Super Awesome.


Aggie said...

Love the Morty sleeping on crotch shot!

Stella said...

Thanks... It's a personal fave of mine!

A. & J. said...

someone needs to relax. You should get some sunshine and come out to Bluesfest! :)