July 21, 2008



It's finally reached the point where I have trouble picking Morty up. I used to be able to carry him around with one hand. Now he feels like a giant sack of wriggly potatoes. Potatoes with gas. But still so cute!

Several good things happened this weekend.

First: I bought a fancy-ass padded push-up bra. It's the only real bra I own, since I have always been satisfied with my Zellers sports bras up until now. You know what's surprising? I really like this expensive boob contraption. It's comfortable and does fabulous things to my rack. I may have to go buy a second one. Imagine! My own collection of fancy push-up thingies! Who'd a thunk it?

I also got a lot of packing done. All my shirts and sweaters, minus the ones I want to wear to work. My hand towels and face cloths. My bathroom products, minus the ones I use regularly. Then I categorized all the boxes in the front room. They are grouped by eventual location (front room, bedroom, basement, kitchen etc.) and colour coded with labels. Now I know the contents of each box, as well as the room it belongs to. Most excellent.

(It was during this process that I discovered Morty's insane fear of packing tape...)

All the details about the piano purchase have been sorted out. We really own a piano. Ironically, I always hated piano lessons and failed miserably at learning the instrument each time I tried. Good thing I'm not a quitter. And good thing I have friends who can play it in case I decide to cut my losses and never touch it again. I've always got the banjo to fall back on.

I have a surprise planned for my BH tonight. I've been feeling all sorts of romantical, and I decided to take the plunge and get him a nice gift. Saturday, I got him fresh local flowers. Today? Wish I could say....


XUP said...

I hope you won’t be teasing the BH and leaving him hanging in the same way you’ve teased us and left us hanging! Getting us all in the mood with talk of enhanced racks and gassy sacks of potatoes and color-coded boxes and then dangling the mystery gift and leaving. Nice.

Stella said...

Geez XUP, give a girl a moment!

I know I got you all hot and bothered with the gassy potato talk, but c'mon.... A little suspense won't kill ya...

And now you have a whole new post to read.