July 22, 2008



Woooot! The surprise went over very well. We are going to see Wicked at the NAC at the end of the summer. The excitement!

Those of you on the Rasputin's mailing list probably just got the update about the recent fire. Dean said he has a few options: retire, relax while the renos happen, sell the business, start a new restaurant. I still find the whole situation so surreal. Do we know yet if they arrested anyone for arson?

Morty has his last puppy class this coming Sunday. He has quite enjoyed playing with all the doggies, and he has become a favourite with our instructor because of his goofy personality. Of course, there have been some glitches... Like the fact that Morty makes scary growling sounds when he plays. He's not actually growling, he's just trying to breathe. I call them his gremlin noises, and the class knows now that he's just trying to be friendly. Poor little guy. There's also the fact that during his final class, he will be set up for failure. The instructors are holding a "weenie challenge" (hee hee) where each pup will have a hot dog placed in front of them, and they have to run to their owners instead of grabbing the hot dog. HAH! Fat fucking chance. My dog never refuses food. Ever. He's gonna grab that weenie before I can even say his name. I'll be all, "Mordich...." and he'll be all, "CHOMP."

I feel like I'm coming down with something. My throat is scratchy and it's hard to breathe. Maybe an allergy? Damn well hope not. My lungs are itching.

Some things I still have to take care of:

canceling my bills
address forwarding
find a baby gate
pack up craft room aka repository for junk
go through kitchen and use up food I don't want to bring with me



XUP said...

Scratchy throat? Hard to breath? I think you must have bulldogitis. Gadzooks!