July 30, 2008

Five Things


1. Although I was worried about Morty swallowing an entire bullwinkle, he seems to be fine, and has in fact just swallowed a SECOND bullwinkle despite me sticking my fingers in his mouth to fish it out. You can do the math and determine that yes, I did just touch a slimy bull penis.

2. We have finished packing the kitchen and main floor and are moving on to the rest of the house. We are donating more crap than I ever thought possible. Since we won't have internet hooked up right away when we move (7-10 business days! Egads!), it may be a while until I can post again. Speaking of internet....

3. Fucking Primus. I have been on hold with them for an hour already, and I am starting to feel stabby. Who knew that giving a company my money could be so hard? They keep insisting I give them my account number even though I'm just trying to sign up for services. I don't have an account number yet! It would be great if you could give me one! Holy crap, guys.*

4. I am going to miss my house something fierce. There are froggies in the backyard and peony bushes everywhere. There are big green spaces and familiar streets. But at my new place, I can throw a rock and hit at least one restaurant, so I'm a happy girl. I'm gonna eat myself stupid.

5. There is no fifth thing.**

*Although I did giggle when I asked for information about their products and they said "Yes, we will be happy to educate you." And then we got to chatting about my travels in Mumbai because of course, their call centre is based there. God I miss the food.
**That's a lie. Rasputin's is closing and Dean is retiring. I am very sad about the whole thing.


Laura said...

Good luck with the move!

xup said...

Primus is very silly during the entire set-up stage, but once you get yourself fixed up, they're a lot better than the other options

Shawna said...

Sad too.


Marie-Adèle said...

Ah, the joys of moving... *sends positive moving vibes*

Where is the new place?