August 4, 2008

Here I Am


Oh, Internet!

It's been a while. I am now settling into a new home, a new neighbourhood and a new routine. I know it's going to be lovely once all the boxes are gone. It's already pretty darn nice, although I tire of the looming piles of cardboard. They loom. They are tiresome. I don't know how I've accumulated this much crap, but I have.

*Mental note: Find out when garbage day is. Do not miss the chance to get rid of said piles.*

The move itself was good. I think I lucked out with the nicest moving company in Ottawa. Are you moving? Call Checkers Movers. They will even do nunchucks demonstrations for you, free of charge. They will also not give up on your Very Long Couch until they get that fucker into your front room. They've got dedication. And fancy moving gear.

Morty is settling in well. He was pretty anxious leading up to the move, but he seems to like his new neighbourhood and he definitely likes all the people he meets on his walks. We bought him a few bullwinkles to keep him distracted while the boxes were coming in. This led to some pretty funny dialogue.

"Morty, where's your penis?" (he runs and grabs his bullwinkle, wiggling his little bum with joy)

Also, the classic:

"My dog loves the cock."

Anyway. The bad stuff. I'm still sick. I should not be going into work, but everybody in my office is on holidays and I need to do their jobs while they're gone. I have a dry cough and congestion and all the other crap that comes with a cold. Because I haven't been sleeping well, this is the third straight week I've been sick. It's really not cool.

My neighbourhood. I love it. Right smack central and still peaceful. My BH and I were having lunch yesterday when I looked at him and said, "I never want to move away from here." He agreed. Then we came home to find a welcome card (with a bulldog on it!) and some doggie treats in the mailbox. Plus Lesley came by with a housewarming skeleton key which made me grin from ear to ear. So basically? I am crafting a plan to never ever move more than a few blocks away. I like it that much.

I have a long-awaited appointment with my stylist on Wednesday. When she asks me what I want, I'm going to say "A lot shorter and a lot blonder." We'll see what happens. I'm almost tempted to start shaving the back of my head again. Lately, I feel like I've been hit with a bad case of Boring Hair. Not good, folks.

I'm off for a day of office-ing. I will update again when I am able to steal somebody's internet.


Shawna said...

Shave it and dye it green. You'll be 13 again.

I love you.


Stella said...

Ah, the shaved and green look.

Did you know that's what I was sporting when I met the BH? I guess he was intrigued...