August 13, 2008

One Breath at a Time


This cough? It's not allergies. Last night I was coughing so badly that I had trouble breathing, and no anti-histamine was helping that.

Which leads me to my next theory. I just ran up a long flight of stairs and had a violent coughing fit when I reached the top. Do I have asthma? Has it suddenly gotten much worse? Aggravated by something, maybe?

All I know is that the cough is bearable throughout the day, but by the time I get home, I am wheezing and hacking up a lung. I'll go back to the clinic on Monday to see if my theory is right. I'd go back sooner, but we're so short staffed at work that I'm doing the job of three people until everyone is back from vacation next week.

I am also very annoyed that I can't find the USB cable that lets me upload my pictures. I have a classic one of Morty with his tongue out that is begging for it's own post. Sad. Come to me, USB.

I'm off to a BBQ with the puppy! Good evening, and fingers crossed that I can breathe by the end of the night. Because right now? It feels like there is sandpaper in my lungs.


xup said...

Oh yuck. You need another doctor's opinion. You don't want to mess around with asthma. Go now. Go -- why are you still here?