August 5, 2008



I figured that with the move would come unexpected expenses. There's the sudden need for certain cleaning supplies, or pretty green plates, or shelving. Lord knows how much I've spent on bullwinkles alone this past week.

It's really been adding up though, and I've been feeling anxious about all the spending. We're not made of money, and until my BH finishes school, we're working mostly off my income. I've already planned out how my paycheques need to be spent for the foreseeable future. The added financial stress of the move wasn't helping things at all.

But just now? My BH called to say that my insurance cheque came in for my year's worth of claims. $757 worth of claims. They gave me everything I asked for (rare), and I feel a weight lifting off my shoulders. Mastercard? I will get you under control after all, you tricky bastard.

I am feeling a bit better about this whole unpacking business too. We are nearly done the kitchen and the bedroom, so that leaves the front room to conquer. Painting will have to happen later this month, which is a whole other story. Of course, it helps that I have an open bottle of wine waiting for me at home. Bring on the drunken unpacking! (Hopefully I won't find the milk in my sock drawer tomorrow)

An added bonus: Moving has uncovered some long lost treasures.

- an Ikea gift certificate
- a gift certificate to the spa!!!
- my passport
- my favourite Sigg bottle
- Morty's nail clippers

The only thing that really matters in that list is the GIFT CERTIFICATE TO THE SPA. I would say it again, but I think you've got it now.



A. & J. said...

Good find! Hope you go soon!

zoom said...

Yay! Where WAS it??

Stella said...

It was in between two pieces of cardboard, wrapped in masking tape, stuffed in my bedside table.

I'm not even kidding.

Laura said...

Cha-ching - awesome finds!

Glad move went well. Hope Morty is adjusting to his new environment.

Hope all is well.

The boys keep asking for more photos of the "old wrinkly puppy who has a funny tummy and a mole" ?!?!?!?!?!? Took me a bit to figure out they meant Morty! - Or Moley as Ander calls him!

Stella said...

Laura... I promise more pictures of Morty as soon as I can find my camera and cable thingy! We still need to have a visit with my baby and your babies.

xup said...

Score on the spa certificate – just when you’re going to need it most. Also, I suggest you go to A&J for financial counseling, they seem to be able to make their incomes stretch to almost unimaginable dimensions.