August 18, 2008



Oooh, yesterday was a bad day. So very bad. So very unnecessary. But hey! Today is a new day, and I am home sick from work so I can get me to a clinic again. Bastard sickness. Am I going on week seven now? I've lost track.

It's nice to be home. The apartment is finally starting to come together, and the painting is done. Pictures of the finished product will come. The NEON GREEN is very bright, but not so much neon as it is lime. The front room is a very, very light purple. It's a relief to have the painting done, but holy hell was it a lot of work. We have some very patient friends with some very useful edging brushes. And sand paper! Who knew?

Anyway, Morty is thrilled somebody is home to play with him. I was all, "Hey Morty! I'm home after all!" and he was all, "BONER!" I guess that shouldn't surprise me, but he's learning how to gyrate his hips, which is a little unnerving. So much for the innocent puppy look. Next time I introduce Morty to someone, I just hope to God he doesn't start the Slow Hump.

Speaking of Morty, I have found my camera cable! You know what that means. Picture update.

PS: Has anyone else noticed that my graphics have mysteriously disappeared? Is it just me, or are they really all gone?


Milan said...

Your images are being hosted on someone else's server. For example, one used to be at:

The person running the server is no longer hosting the images. As such, they have vanished.

Your best bet is to try to find copies (maybe in your browser cache?) and put them on a server you control.