August 9, 2008



Aah. The weekend. Usually a time of calm errand-running. This time, I am putting up painter's tape and donning, well my pajamas. I am tackling the walls.

As if unpacking weren't enough, I stupidly went and bought a few gallons of paint last night. I thought it would be fun to slap down some new coats of colour - some green in the kitchen, a bright white near the table, a lavender in the front room.

Well, not only is paint insanely expensive (!!!), it's also hard to get the right shade. I chose this really pretty green for the cabinets, and after it had been mixed, I took a peek at what appeared to be NEON GREEN. Maybe I'm overreacting. Maybe I'm about to paint my kitchen NEON GREEN. I hope hope hope it turns out nicely. Otherwise I may have a seizure mid-breakfast and die in the midst of an eighties flashback.

I also finally went to the clinic for this cough that has been getting me down for nearly five whole weeks. The clinic near my new house is possibly five million times better than the one I used to frequent before. I waited twenty minutes, saw an amazing nurse practitioner, and walked out of there with a better idea of what had been ailing me. The reason I wasn't getting better? It's allergies. Don't know to what, but we did rule out the puppy, thank goodness. We also had a conversation that made me get on a waiting list for a new doctor so I can get away from the quack I've been seeing for the past four years.

Nurse: You've been coughing for five weeks and you didn't go see your family doctor?

Me: It takes two weeks to get an appointment with her, I have to wait over two hours once I arrive, and she has never properly diagnosed me.

Nurse: Oh my.

So! I am now on a waiting list and I will wait until the cows come home (or until I get a new doctor).

I know I have been bitching a lot about the moving process lately, but I will say that we are making progress. I am purging mercilessly. The boxes are disappearing one by one, and once the paint is up, I think this will be one sexy apartment. Pictures are on their way.