July 3, 2008

Perfectly Valid Word


My brain is a mess. And you know what the worst part is? My replacement notebook for my broken notebook isn't doing the trick, and now I am list-less (pardon the pun, but it wrote itself). I feel lost.

So. Let's focus on the good. I have decided to use popsicle sticks to alphabetize my CD collection. Why is this good news? I... Don't really know. SEE? Lost without my notebook. Surely it would explain why I was so happy about this.

I've also been doing some long-overdue catching up with my Colombian bud. Having him in town is both exciting and bizarre, because he hasn't lived here since we finished high school. It's been a long time since we've been able to hang out and talk without any real time constrictions. Usually one of us has a bus/train/plane/ride to catch, and so everything is hurried. Do you know how much teasing I have to catch up on? A fuckload, that's what.* Luckily I am still way faster than him in the smack-you-in-the-chest-and-run department.

This got me thinking that for the first time in many years, most of my closest friends are geographically accessible within a few hours of driving. The friends that live the farthest are in and around Toronto. Considering how spread out everyone has been, it's amazing that we're all in the same vicinity again. There are a couple of overseas exceptions, but for the most part, we're all here.

I plan to wind down my stress this weekend, especially since my planner tells me that I have nothing going on this Saturday. Thank goodness I have my planner. Take away my planner AND my notebook? I would speak only in code and wear nothing but tube socks and bangles to work.

*Dear spell check: Fuckload is a perfectly valid word. Thank you.


Laura said...

You frigging floor me...I am laughing out loud...not at you...at your situations!!!!

Hey - seriously, check out the Penny Saver for movers...3 friends used a guy - "Man with a big heart and truck" or some silly name like that...and I think I used a company called "Two guys and a Truck".... ya, lame names -but their moving prices are good and they might be available!

Hope all is well. Post photos of Morty - my kids LOVE looking at them...better yet - let's set up a play date!

Phyliss said...

You write very well.