February 14, 2010

Ball Crusher


Today was a challenging day for a variety of reasons. Instead of growling about them here, as tempting as that is, I will tell you about my one funny phone call of the day.

BH: (out of breath)

Me: Everything okay?

BH: Yeah, it's just that I was asleep on the couch.... And I was on my back.... And Morty was asleep between my feet...

Me: Yeah?

BH: And then Morty decided to stretch out with all his strength...

Me: Yeah?

BH: And he crushed my nuts.

Me: (trying to breathe through the laughter)

BH: And then...


BH: While I was recovering, he crawled up my torso...

Me: Yeah?

BH: And sneezed in my face.

Me: (losing my shit)

Ladies and gents, it's been that sort of day.


Nat said...


Poor BH.

Zameer Anwar said...

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Pauline said...

But I thought that was how bulldogs showed their love. No? ;)