February 18, 2010



The shifts are starting to take a toll on me mentally. My body is okay, but my brain is a little shaky.

Some examples:

Yesterday, I got news that my workload would triple near the end of my shift. I started to sing a little song to myself at my desk. The lyrics are as follows: "Fuck fuck fuckity fuck, fuckballs." Then I cried a bit on the inside.

My back hurt so I lay down on the floor and rolled around for a while. A new coworker chose that moment to walk by. I waved at him and kept on rolling.

My desk is a disaster, but I get stressed out thinking about cleaning it, so it stays the way it is.

I actually growl when I open bad e-mails. I growl like Morty does when he's trying to protect me from something. Since my "office" is in the middle of a big open room, most of the folks on my floor can hear me. I've stopped caring.

At least the month is halfway done, and that means my long shifts will end soon. I plan to treat myself to some new clothes when I'm finished. Lord knows I'll be getting a bit extra on that overtime cheque.

How are you doing, Internet folks? Tell me some good news. PLEASE.


Amanda said...

sorry to hear about how hard you are having to work. that sucks. the good news for me is that i'm dong quite well and getting stronger each day. today i walked the hall 27 times, which is 1.62kms. small steps, but every one of them counts ;) take care, my dear.

Nat said...

Hmmmm.... Good news.

The Union has a fire in their belly about my case and thinks it has a good chance of fast tracked... which would mean four months instead of two years.

Anonymous said...

This is just not right. I do not understand how our union can allow something like this to go on. You need to give yourself a break of some sort. Really. As for good news -- well, it was my birthday yesterday...big whoop