February 13, 2010

Love You


Hello Internet.

Wow, It's Saturday! Time sure flies when you live at the office.

I guess that makes tomorrow Valentine's Day... ? It's a good thing my BH and I don't really celebrate it. Otherwise we'd be up shit creek without a bouquet of roses.

I suspect that Valentine's Day would be really fun if we had kids. But as it stands, my guy makes me chocolate desserts every other week, and I leave him cheesy love notes every other day. No hard feelings, Valentine's Day.

Although, seeing as how I'll be spending tomorrow with my co-workers, perhaps I'll bring in something baked and chocolaty after all. Nothing says "You're my co-worker!" like a fudge cake and a plate of cookies. Incidentally, those two things also say "I'm going to make myself chubbier, and I'm going to have a fun time doing it!"

I'm holding up okay with the crazy shift work. My back is sore from sitting and typing, but it could be worse. I did have the misfortune of watching the news when Nodar Kumaritashvili was thrown off his sled, and to my surprise, the network replayed the accident several times before they realized that he actually died. Nothing brings down your day like watching a young guy get killed on national television. I still feel nauseous thinking about it.

In more cheerful news, I received an unexpected deposit from SOCAN full of delicious songwriting royalties. The amount was far higher than I was expected, maybe from the Vinyl Cafe broadcast. I'm thrilled. It's going into the Japan fund.

Signing off for now....


Nat said...

You know I've often wondered if songwriters ever get any money from SOCAN, I am really glad to hear that they do.

(Oh treats for coworkers is a good thing.)

Finola said...

I'm curious what sort of work you do? Not sure if you are able to talk about that here though....

Stella said...

Nat: The treats were VERY popular.

Finola: I wish I could go into more details! The work load is temporary, but still crazy.

Marie-Adèle said...

Yay Japan fund! :D Can't wait to see you guys!

Take care of yourself, don't let the work turn your brain to mush! <3