February 18, 2010

Hug a Songwriter


I know, two posts in one day. But since I have a minute, I thought I would share an experience I had this afternoon.

In my day job (the one I can't really go into detail about), I hear the news quickly. I heard reports that Gordon Lightfoot died within a few minutes of the story hitting the internet.

I read the headline, processed the rumour, and started to cry. I started to cry so much that I actually had to leave my desk, walk quickly to the bathroom, lock myself in a stall, and have a good long sob.

You may know by now that the story turned out to be a hoax. What kind of a sick person spreads a rumour like that? I hope never to meet them.

I'm telling you this because I've had similar reactions to other songwriters dying. Nina Simone, Elliott Smith, Kate McGarrigle, to name a few. When I hear the news, my heart does a quick run-through of what their music has made me feel. Sadness, elation, extreme happiness, anger, panic.... It all shoots through my system and I can't help but cry. That songwriter will write no longer. It just feels so tragic to me.

I'm thrilled, clearly, that Mr. Lightfoot is still with us. His writing is some of the best, and we're lucky to call him ours. I guess the whole thing reminded me to be thankful for all that song he's given to the world.

Here's my very favourite Gordon Lightfoot song, covered by Peter Paul and Mary. I love this version.

Moral of the story: Hug a songwriter today! Somebody may spread a rumour about their death tomorrow.


Laura said...

I freaked when I heard too!

LOVE, I mean LOVE Early Morning Rain.


Hope you are surviving the crunch...

Pauline said...

What I find ridiculous is how the media doesn't check their facts first before spreading all this crap around! I would hate to see how Gordon's friends and family who hasn't seen him in awhile must have felt upon hearing this dumb rumor.

XUP said...

On the upside, Gordo's songs haven't seen this much airtime since I don't know when.

Anonymous said...

please accept this hug. sounds like you need one.

please continue to stretch your back in other ways, too.

Nat said...

The feelings evokes by music are like nothing else... this comes close to describing it.

My dad loved loved loved the song Sundown. I remember him playing it over and over again when I was a girl. (Along with Heart of Gold by Neil Young.)

(Love this version of Early Mornin' Rain.)

Hug coming up when we next meet.