February 21, 2010

Ball Crusher Returns


The end is in sight! I'll have a day off in... Two weeks. Hey, that's better than nothing.

Today was both good and bad. Good because I got a chance to clean the house as well as rack up some much-needed hangout time with my guy. Bad because my co-worker was kind enough to drop me off at home and we got rear-ended on the way there. We're both okay, but the car is a little bruised. I feel like a jerk, but I guess it's really the fault of the jackass with bad brakes who drove into us at a red light.

Now I'm just unwinding by watching figure skating. Funny, because I turned on the TV to watch curling, but I think I just got distracted. By BH is passed out on the couch, recovering from a very grueling 12-hour shift. Morty is hanging out between his feet, perhaps waiting to ruin our future chances at having children.

I think I'll do another load of laundry and call it a night. When I'm done these crazy shifts, I plan to drink myself into a crawl. At least you'll get a juicy post out of that, hey? Drunken revelry! Doesn't get any more blogworthy.


Amanda said...

glad you're ok.