February 7, 2010



Tonight, my BH and my puppy are at a Superbowl party in the boons. That means I am home alone. THIS NEVER HAPPENS.

So far I have:

boiled two bags of beets
taken a shower
eaten bread for dinner
played some guitar and written two crappy songs that I proceeded to erase from my mind

Shit, I have a boring-ass life. What's wrong with me? I should be drinking a bottle of wine and watching bad television. Why am I boiling beets on my night off?

Honestly, I'm just tired. And those beets would have gone bad had I not turned them into a salad. I'll just have to have an exciting life in the spring when I'm not spending all my time at work.

A few thoughts about working at an office on the weekends:

It's so quiet. SO QUIET. Disturbingly quiet. I actually find it distracting.

Some people come to work expecting an empty office and then have a heart attack when they realize someone else is there too. The second time I heard someone walk through the door, I typed especially loud so they wouldn't jump out of their skin when they saw me.

I'm damn lucky I love my co-workers. They're working most weekends with me, and if we didn't like each other, I'd pull out my hair. And theirs.

Anyway.... I still need to pack two lunches (tomorrow will be a long shift) so I will say goodnight to you all. Thanks for keeping me sane, Internet!


Nat said...

Well, if it's crappy music and boiled beets... then that's what it is.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of you often working your ass off when most of us get to go home and relax. I'll beam you over any spare energy I have -- it's not much, but you're welcome to it.

Finola said...

Hey, you cooked, and did something creative. That is way better than bad television!