February 26, 2010

Anatomy Lesson


The good news: I may have found a house that is not being used to sell vast quantities of drugs. I'm not going to freak out yet, because I need an inspection to be sure. I'm trying to stay level headed - I know inspections can go terribly wrong. But I'd really like it to go well, you know? Send good thoughts my way if you have some to spare, Internet. Tuesday is the day of reckoning. I'm actually pretty nervous.

The bad news: I somehow managed to bag myself in the cooch this morning. It was super fast, super painful and I just rolled into a ball and cried. And cried. And cried. Then it occurred to me that maybe I'm a little stressed and that my vag is probably okay.* I eventually got up off the kitchen floor.

(Maybe I am a little stressed, but it really hurt. That's one of my favourite bits of anatomy.)

*My stress levels are also causing me to cry at the following: bobsled competitions, figure skating, women's hockey, making dinner, ruining dinner, being hungry, wet snow, bad music, fire alarms, Morty making a cute face, hot tea. This coming from a general non-crier. I need a good night's sleep.


Nat said...

Inspections are frightening but necessary. Keeping my fingers and after reading this... legs crossed for you.

I'd suggest ice, but I have no clue really.

Shawna said...

I love you.

Get Mike Holmes.

Not for the vag, for the inspection. House inspection.

Finola said...

I'm sending good thoughts your way for the house inspection....and the other problem too :)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha Nat! Well, Feb-bloo-erry is over, so you can go back to a normal work schedule now, right? Which will seem like a walk in the park after the last few weeks. So instead of relaxing for a bit you decide to buy a house. Oh well. I will keep good wishes for you that if it's the right place for you it all works out. As for the poor cooch -- can't you find someone to kiss it better?

Pauline said...

LOL@ Shawna's comment.
Fingers crossed you find a great, non-crack den for you and your boys.

In regards to your...'south of the border' issue..You should see your GP or gyno. :)