February 16, 2010

Ten Hours


Hey! The shifts are balancing out. I work 10 hours a day, every day.


Ways I am coping:

1. Packing good, giant lunches. Making sure they contain both chocolate and... Chocolate. I will not lie. My veins are full of the stuff.

2. Ordering small, beautiful items off Etsy. I'm far from breaking the bank, but looking at pretty art and buying the odd piece (usually under $15) makes me feel sane. Also, I can daydream about decorating my house with said items. A brain break, for sure.

3. Planning the Japan trip. Okay, so I'm more just thinking about seeing our host, M-A, and eating amazing food. Eventually my plans will become more specific. I should really buy a ticket soon.

4. Snuggling my puppy at night. My BH is working a lot of overnight shifts, so Morty gets the bulk of my affection these days. Hopefully my BH won't have grown a beard by the time I see him next.

5. Booking gigs. I've got a bunch I'll post to my music web site soon - they're good ones, folks! It will be a fun spring.



Milan said...

"Hopefully my BH won't have grown a beard by the time I see him next."

In ten hours, I think he could grow one, shave it off, and grow another.

zoom said...

It's the Marathon of Work. You should turn it into a charity fundraiser!