January 27, 2009

Who Knew?


I've come to the surprising realization that I'm really enjoying the walks to and from work. This is especially bizarre because, well, I hate the cold. Hate it with a passion.

But I'm enjoying the walks so much that I don't think I'll get a bus pass when the strike ends. I can rely on the occasional bus ticket instead and save some money for as long as I can hold out. I may also do this next winter, but we'll see... I would need a couple of things first:

- A serious winter coat - not like the thin wool one I'm sporting this season (not made any warmer by the layers of Morty hair it attracts)
- Snow pants, because I am a fashion icon (and also because -35 is too cold for pants and thin silk long johns)

Here are some of the benefits I get from walking to work, also in list form:

- I get to listen to more music than I did when I was busing. This is a big deal for me. I start off my day in a good mood and finish it in a better one. Bey-on-ce! When the new K'naan comes out, I'll be set for life. (The more I look at my playlists, the more I think it's funny that I play the banjo)
- Exercise for one hour a day? This never happens otherwise. Amazing.
- Fresh air! Also rarely happens, because I am a severe homebody.
- My walking route is actually very beautiful and it makes me appreciate my neighbourhood even more.
- I leave the house only ten minutes earlier than I did when I was busing, and I get to work at the same time. Who knew I spent so much time waiting for the bus?

Winter is already chipping at the edges of my brain, but January is in its final days and I can TOTALLY rock it through the next two months of pain. February and March? I'm going to fuck you up, so don't push your luck.


Since you are all wondering, Morty's balls (or lack thereof) are doing well. The bruising is almost gone and he's cheerful most of the time. While his amorous approaches haven't stopped per se, he already seems to listen more and doesn't whine as much. Strange to have the house so quiet. I keep thinking something is wrong.


Valentine's Day is coming up, and my BH and I are making our customary plans not to celebrate. I don't even know when we started this, but we've never been fans of the typical lovey stuff. Especially not on the typical lovey day. I think this year I'll go bowling with a bunch of ladies.

Insert "playing with balls" joke here.

Jesus, January is shaping up to be Month of the Balls here on Hella Stella. You're welcome!


Milan said...

I'm sorry, but past experience shows that every month is the 'Month of Balls' on Hella Stella.

Milan said...

As for walking to work, I agree that it is fairly positive most of the time. The only exceptions are when it is night-time and excessively cold and windy and on the few occasions when it is near zero and the sidewalks beside the Chaudière Bridge route have long, deep slush puddles spanning them.

Lynn said...

I find this post to be rather inspiring. I'm really hating winter this year...maybe getting outside more is the answer to surviving!

Stella said...

Milan, guilty as charged, but you have to admit that this month has been particularly balls-y.

There are most certainly some evenings where I dread walking home, but then I remember that it's equally as shitty to wait for the bus for 45 minutes when I could have walked in less time. I think the worst for me is when the sidewalks aren't cleared and every step I take slides me backwards by half a step.

Stella said...

Lynn: I hate winter every year, but this is the first time I'm not feeling as helpless as I normally do. Just dress for the weather - then you won't feel bummed about the cold.

Laura said...

so many people feel the same way...this bus strike may encourage others to leave the bus - I know people who have decided to continue to walk or car pool once this stupid strike comes to an end.

Hope all is well.

meanie said...

i've been walking an extra hour a day as well and, with the exception of yesterday, kind of like it as well. gets rid of the xmas jiggles.
i received the most awesome gift for christmas this year. an l.l. bean ankle length, down filled coat. this thing rocks. this thing was MADE for canadian winters. so much thought went into the creation of this coat from a snug wrist wrap (to keep those chills out) a little pocket for your mp3 or cell phone. seriously. i could do an infommertial on it.

Stella said...

Laura: I'm hearing it from a lot of people too... Seems we just get used to the inconvenience after a while.

Meanie: Please do an infomercial! In fact, do a whole series! I can contribute one on the benefits of wearing ski goggles as part of one's winter getup.

Urban Panther said...

When I lived downtown I walked everywhere. I would walk for miles without thinking twice about it. Now, it's back to taking the car everywhere. I miss the walking. I am trying to convince the Lion to do our grocery shopping on foot. There is no excuse because it's only three blocks away. And I could get one of those really cool pimped out granny carts.

Hannah said...

I wouldn't mind walking to work but its too far from my house, so its bus, car or nothing.
Glad to hear Morty's doing o.k.:)

Stella said...

Urban Panther: You would look fab with a pimped out granny cart.

Hannah: Walking doesn't work for everyone, which is probably why this bus strike is kicking the city's ass...

Anonymous said...

I'd love to be able to walk to work every day. If it was half an hour I'd totally do it, but 90 minutes is a bit long in winter - though I've had to do it a few times during this strike. I always make sure to get out for an hour one way or another every day anyway. (Do you know that walking outdoors in the winter also helps to prevent colds & flu??) One thing I would recommed is getting a pair of winter running pants to put over your regular pants. They're not as bulky as snowpants, have articulated knees for ease of walking and are nice and snug at the ankles. Meanie's coat sounds great, except I find anything longer than the knees hard to walk in and it also gets all messed up with slush. How do you avoid this Meanie?

meanie said...

infomercial - i just knew i was spelling it wrong, but was too lazy to check!

xup - while it goes down to the ankles, the zipper merely goes to the kness, with optional snaps you do up should you wish to snap yourself in down to the ankles.
1) over snowbanks = no snaps
2) quick little walk to the coffee shop = snaps.
i think i will do an informercial. it just makes me oh so happy.