January 28, 2009

Lazy #2


Of course it follows that after I make a post about how nice it is to be walking an hour a day, the universe opens up and dumps a crapload of snow on me. My walk home today was a bit disorienting - no clear sidewalks, crazy blowing snow, and even my darling goggles got fogged up. I did not enjoy it, for the first time in a while.

Oh well. Two more days, and the week is done. I can make it.

I'm pretty bad about posting pictures on this site. This isn't because I don't want to - I really enjoy having photos to illustrate a post. I'm just lazy. I upload my photos in high quality files that take ten million years to process through Blogger, and I sometimes don't want to wait before publishing. The easy thing to do would be to cut down the size of the pictures, which I did do before my laptop was hit with a virus that knocked out all the programs I set up. Now I'm just, uh, REALLY lazy (at least I'm honest).

Weird... Laziness seems to be the word of the day here on Sesame Street!

Anyway, I have a backlog of shots, so I'll put a few up as my apology to you for my absolute lack of drive.

It's so cute when Morty's teeth get caught outside his lips! He looks so bad-ass!

Actually, having a bulldog has made me way more confident around big aggressive-looking dudes when I'm out and about. Morty seems to sense evil and puts on his toughest glare right when I get nervous. He's the best sidekick EVER. Although I realize he's a big chicken in the house, I also wouldn't want to fuck with a medieval fighting dog who was bred to kill bears and crush leg bones with his jaw.

Well. That was a cheerful way to end this post.


raino said...

love the pics and really really love pooch but missing the relevance of the photo of the chair. or am i missing something in the photo. or do you just like that chair? it is a really nice chair. please explain cause i am just nosey.

Stella said...

Haha.... No relevance Raino! Just a nice chair covered in snow!