January 23, 2009

Back to Normal


Morty is fixed!

When we picked him up yesterday, he was not a happy puppy. He does this thing when he's really upset that sounds like a cross between a howl and a gurgle. The minute we opened the door to the vet after his operation, we heard the infamous gurgle/howl echoing through the halls.

"Yes?"said the vet technician. "Can I help you?"

"We're here to pick up our dog."

"Which dog is yours?" she said.

"The one making that terrible sound."

He was sad and confused all evening, and I hated seeing him in such a state. It was depressing and I regretted getting him fixed at all.

This morning was a different story. Guess who just tried to hump my leg? Morty! He's obviously feeling much better. He'll have to take it easy for a while, but he'll be back in the game soon. And I have a feeling he won't stop trying to sex up everything he sees.

My folks get back from their vacation tomorrow, which means we can't do our laundry at their house anymore. I know, it's very First Year University of me, but not having a dryer in the winter is hard with two adults and a messy dog. Perhaps I can get one more load done before they get back....

Is it just me, or is January going by really quickly?


Hannah said...

Aww, poor Morty. All well, its better he's fixed.:)
January can never go fast enough. ;)

Em said...

Hehe. Poor Morty. When we got our dog Pups fixed, we got a call from the vet 4 hours before we were supposed to pick him up - he had come out of his anesthetic and would not stop barking. We were concerned he was leaving too early, and the vet just said "Oh, don't worry, he sounds fine!" He was dopey and could hardly walk, but his barking abilities were not impaired at all!

And yes, I'm with Hannah - January, February, and March can go as fast as possible as far as I'm concerned. :)

Anonymous said...

Good riddance! (to January not the Mortsicles)