January 13, 2009

My Poor Body


Christmas is bad for the bod.

Besides the massive, rich, buttery meals and the fact that I eschew exercise for the entire month of December, the chocolate is what kills me.

I get so much chocolate for Christmas/Hannukah. I adore chocolate (perhaps everyone in the world has figured this out) but this year alone I amassed:

one toblerone bar
two chocolate "A"s
one box of brandy beans
one cocoa camino bar with almonds
one organic chocolate bar with ginger
several containers of chocolate bark (my fault - I made a lot and then didn't give it all away)
one bag of Hannukah gelt
one box of Lindt filled chocolates

As of right now, I have made my way through all of it and am finishing the final "A".

You see what I mean?

I would resolve to cut down, but I know myself. That will never happen. It's easier just to give it away when I have too much, and try not to buy any on my own.

It would be especially nice to get myself back to the gym at some point too. Perhaps the only upside to the bus strike is that I've been getting about an hour of walking in per day.

Oh, did you hear about the deep freeze that begins tonight?

Maybe I'll be trying to cut down that hour of walking after all, if I can. This evening will be spent trying to find myself a pair of ski goggles to wear on my trek tomorrow. Because there's nothing worse than crossing a busy intersection with eyelashes that are freezing together.

It's funny, but people who aren't from Ottawa might read that and think I'm joking.


EDIT: Milan has helpfully reminded me that I have forgotten to include a delightful box of chocolates that came all the way from Vermont. I had them for breakfast one day.



Milan said...

The weather projection for the next few days is just brutal! -30, before wind...

As for the chocolate tally, I think you missed a mixed box from Vermont.

raino said...

i am so not looking forward to this cold snap...