January 21, 2009



I've done several things in the past few days, although I can't claim that any of them are particularly exciting.

Probably the funniest: I pulled a muscle trying to escape one of Morty's violent humping sessions. No, I really did.*

I also slid down my front steps.

Minutes later, I slid down the metal stairs near my house and erupted into giggles when I reached the bottom. I don't know why I laughed, because my brain was thinking, "Today is going to suck SO HARD."

I watched Hook, Chocolat and You've Got Mail in one night. Hook is such an awesome movie! And Phil Collins does a cameo that I only noticed now after watching it approximately a hundred times during my youth.

I re-organized my spices.

Wow, after reading this post again I realize that my life is officially boring. Maybe I'll dye my hair and get that shoulder tattoo I've been dreaming of. I obviously need to shake things up.

For those of you who want to break out of the January blues, I'll be playing a lovely mini-gig NEXT Sunday (haha, thank you Amanda... I must have hit my head sliding down those stairs). Here are the deets:

Sunday, Feb. 1, 2pmBywords Warms the Night (fundraiser for Cornerstone Women's Shelter)Swizzles Bar and Grill, 246-B Queen Street, between Bank and Kent

Perhaps I'll see you there?

* Speaking of which, Morty's getting fixed tomorrow and I'm nervous for him. He loves his balls! I feel so bad taking them away! What on earth is he going to obsessively clean now?

I'm trying not to think about it too much because it makes me sad.


Amanda said...

not this sunday, next sunday :)

Stella said...

Oy. Yes. Thank you.

My head? She is fucked.

Amanda said...

or likely frozen; though those goggles of yours are snazzy

Anonymous said...

You can always get Morty some neuticals.

Urban Panther said...

No worries, my Siamese continues to compulsively clean his atrophied balls. Usually when we have company. Usually when we are all trying to eat.

Jen G said...

I think I can make it to that show! Awesome.

I don't have any advice about balls, except to say that I grew up on a farm, and what I observed with cattle is that - balls, no balls or udder - everyone humps everyone. Is that so different from human life?