Hello my dears.

It seems that, although I assumed my vacation would not get in the way of my posting, it most certainly has. Luckily, this saves you what would have been a few mundane entries about what I'm reading and when I woke up and how I like to iron my tablecloths (David Sedaris, 11:30am, often and with lots of steam).

Since tomorrow is my last day of holidays, I will hopefully hop back on the blogging wagon and make up for lost time. Although, I'll be returning to work with about a thousand e-mails waiting for me, so maybe that's a bit overly optimistic.


I just made and ate a killer spiced carrot soup with caramelized onions, and in a perfect world, I would now bundle myself up and go meet Milan for a beer with my BH. However, my BH is asleep, and Morty is asleep on top of my BH. They are both snoring. Phone calls, hot food and poking has failed to rouse them. So I'm wondering what it's going to take, I guess. Brownies? I don't have time to make brownies....

Hopefully you are all transitioning nicely out of holiday mode. I am heading back to poke those boys awake.


raino said...

yummy. that soup sounds great ! post the recipe why not??? the beer idea sounded good too.

Anonymous said...

"...hop back on the blogging wagon..."

I don't know exactly why, but the first post of the month is always the hardest for me. Same thing when I was reporting... getting motivated for the first story after a deadline always sucked. Meh indeed.

Happy New Year... if you want to wake a guy up try frying some bacon.